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Xinan Mine launches 2017 relief project for financially strapped students
August 25, 2017  


Tengzhou, August 24 - At the home of Ni Xingli, a worker of Xinan Coal Company, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group, the manager of the company handed Ni 2000 yuan as his daughter’s tuition fee for Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Ni’s financial status had been under pressure, having just undergone a coronary stent surgery himself.

On the same day, 114 other poor households of Xinan Company with children just enrolled in universities also received different amount of financial aid varying from 500 yuan to 5000 yuan, based on different level of financial stress each family faces as well as different universities. In total 104000 yuan of 104,000 yuan of relief payment had been handed out.

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