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Bring automation and intelligence underground
November 3, 2017  

Weishan, October 20 - As the operator presses the Start button at the Command Center, the 480 meters of underground mining face slowly came to life. Roar of the machine broke the silence, the shearer steadily pushes forward, dropping chunks of coal on the transmission belt which flowed back above ground like water. This is the mining scene at the intelligent unmanned mining face No. 1008 of Fumei Mine, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group.

The implementation of intelligent mining face greatly reduces the labor intensity and working hazard of miners. The manned mining face generally requires 12 people, now it only needs 5 people in patrol.

The company had carefully polished all technical steps through the shearer automation, working face video monitoring, remote centralized control, hydraulic support automation and electro-hydraulic control. Currently the company had pushed recovery rate above 98% while energy consumption is reduced by more than 10%. Accidents caused by gas, coal dust and spontaneous combustion were eliminated.

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