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R&D conference builds a bottom-up innovation team
November 24, 2017  



The first science and technology conference site of Yuncheng Coal Mine.


Yuncheng, November 24 - Yuncheng Coal Mine, Shandong Energy Longkou Energy Group has held the first scientific and technological conference of mining, honoring 133 scientific and technological achievements of the whole mine in recent years, as well as 25 individuals and 3 teams advanced in innovation.


Yuncheng Coal Mine is an important coal production base developed by Longkou Mine Group in the southwest of Shandong Province. Due to the short operation time, knowledgeable and skilled staff were always sought after. 


Yuncheng Coal Mine had gathered numerous talents to work around the comprehensive automation and remote intelligent control. In order to prevent downhole drilling collapse and  bore hole contraction due to water from stucking and burying drill head, a team of four led by Deputy Chief Enginer Qiu Haihui invented the "small aperture automaticexpansion drills " and received a utility model patents from State Intellectual Property Office.

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