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Energy Group Participated the 2018 National Coal Fair
November 24, 2017 刘强 任信达 




Qinhuangdao, November 24 - The "2018 National Coal Trade Fair" hosted by the China Coal Industry Association, China Coal Transportation Association, Hebei Port Group Corporation (Qinhuangdao shipping coal market)  was held in Qinhuangdao during November 21-22. General Manager Zhang Shouli and Deputy General Manager Liu Chenglu of Shandong Energy Group   attended the meeting.


Based on the theme of "innovation, cooperation, openness and sharing", the fair is meant to further promote the structural reform of the coal supply side and build a platform for the convergence of production and transportation so as to promote the efficient and orderly implementation of medium and long-term contracts signed in 2018 and ensure the stable supply of coal so as to provide energy support for the stable and healthy economic and social development in the new era.


At the symposium of large-scale coal enterprises convened in the afternoon of the 21st, general manager Zhang Shouli talked about the economic operation of Shandong Energy Group this year, as well as the market trend forecast in 2018, the implementation of long-term contracts in 2017, the coal production and demand convergence, the signing of mid-to-long term contracts, and the main difficulties and suggestions for future operation. Leaders of coal industry from major coal minging area like Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Hebei and Shandong attended the meeting.


On the Coking Coal signing special meeting in the the afternoon of the 22nd, Liu signed a long-term cooperation agreement on behalf of Shandong Energy Group with 13 first-class large-scale iron and steel enterprises, including Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and Maanshan Iron and Steel, concerning coking coal purchase and sale. Zhang Shouli delivered a speech on behalf of the Group, pointing out that in the upcoming 2017, Shandong Energy Group and all its partners complemented each other to meet challenges and work together for mutual benefit and reciprocity, forged mutual trust, binded mutual fate, and accomplished key contract of of more than 2000 tons of coal trading, making substantial contributionsfor economic and social development. In the new year, the Group looks forward to work with client companies to achieve greater cooperation in more fields and wider areas.


During the meeting, Zhang Shouli and Liu Chenglu also led a delegation for a field visit in Qinhuangdao .





Zhang Shouli delivers speech on behalf of Shandong Energy Group.




Signing ceremony site.




Zhang Shouli and his entourage visited Qinhuangdao Port.


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