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Coal workers transformed into sapphire artisans
December 5, 2017  


Zibo, December 5 - Peng Cunzhen is testing the clarity of industrial sapphire crystal. Peng was a downhole equipment maintenance worker at the electromechanical team of Bucun Coal Mine , the predecessor of Xin Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. After the successful transformation of the company, he was also transformed into a highly skilled technical worker in the sapphire processing workshop. The company produces industrial sapphire crystal used as LED substrate, the dislocation density of which reaches 600-700pit / cm2, the world's leading level


Bucun Coal Mine used to be a large-scale mine with 8,000 workers. After 58 years of mining, resources have been nearly depleted and Zibo Mining Group closed the wellhead in June 2016. After that it vigorously promoted structural adjustment and became a "model" project for the restructuring and development of the state-owned coal enterprises. At present, the company has seven subsidiaries covering industrial sapphire, flame retardants, medical, mine services and other fields.


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