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From abandoned mine to technology park
December 29, 2017  



Industrial Sapphire Factory


The recently abandoned coal mine is the No. 3 well of former Bucun coal mine. Bucun Coal Mine was founded in 1958, boasting three pairs of well in its heyday, employing more than 8600 people. Since 2004, due to reduced reserves of coal, production declined and costs rose. Since 2014, the coal industry has sunk into even more severe situation, with cost reversal becoming an even more prominent issue. So Bucun Mine shut down Well No. 3 in July 2014.


After the shutdown of No.3 well, nearly 500 mu of land was left idle. At this point, the industrial sapphire project under the following-up of non-coal industry research group has  been put on the table. After repeated demonstration, an industrial sapphire project with an investment of 200 million yuan was started in December 2015.



Incensers remove industrial sapphire crystals from the furnace.


In the crystallization floor of photovoltaic company, the newly baked crystal is pure and transparent without impurities, without the slightest smell. Industrial sapphire production is a purely physical process, that is to press the high purity powdery alumina into crystals, which will not produce emissions, waste water and other pollutants.


The construction of the project is divided into three phases, the first phase had put 100 crystal furnace into trial production. By the end of 2019 another 200 units would be added into the production line and in 2020 still 300 more units, with an annual total output of 1,000 tons of crystals.



In the crystal processing plant, a complete crystal is cut into slices or pieces. The dominating industrial purpose of sapphire is the LED semiconductor lighting system.


Zhangqiu December 29 - The modern industrial plant sits beside straight and clean roads lined with Magnolia trees and cherry trees. This is the newly approved Optoelectronics Technology Park of Xinsheng Company, Shandong Energy Zibo Mining Group. Not long ago, this place still is a coal mine that has just been abandoned.


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