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Shandong Energy Group livelihood projects into the heart
January 3, 2018  

The well being and livelihood of the employees is among the primary concerns of Shandong Energy Group, as demonstrated by the vitality of the mining area.



Xinwen Mining Group is known for its "golden autumn student aid" project, as well as relief campaign around New Year and Spring Festival. In 2017 there were 248 students from financially distressed families who received cumulative grants of 687,000 yuan of grant. Besides there were also 3314 financially distressed workers who totally received 2,589,800 yuan of minimum living allowance. For the workers replaced by mechanization, Xinwen Mining Group held seven skills training classes to smooth the transference, covering 480 employees.




Xinwen Mining Group also established a comprehensive service hall platform to promote an integrated service model. They organized 10 relevant functional departments such as human resources, social security, trade unions and public health.



At Chaili Mine, Zaozhuang Mining Group, a series of livelihood initiatives had been put into place. In early 2017, Chaili started an apartment renovation project to rebuild the power lines, toilets, windows and doors, guardrails of staff quarters. The canteen regular provides cooking skills training and changes menu according to the seasonal changes. 24 hours supply of hot meals is also ensured. The sports plaza was upgraded, allowing employees to engage in table tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball.



In the canteen of Gaomei company, opened a "food reservation window", allowing staff to put reservation through telephone and WeChat. They also signed a lease contract with local parking lot to solve the thorny parking problem that has plagued the employees for many years.




At Zibo Mining Group, 18 more staff bookstores were built with more than 80,000 books added. 125 computers and 73 sets of fitness equipment were also put into place.



Zibo Mining Group had also conducted various forms of blind date events to provide opportunities for vast number of young workers.



In 2017, Feicheng Mining Group opened 14 charity supermarkets within the community and distributed more than 14500 kilos of rice plus 4500 kilos of cooking oil to the distressed families. It organized 3784 person-times relief action with total investment of 4.05 million yuan



In 2017, Linyi Mining Group vigorously promoted the "virtual community" and set up "virtual community service centers" to provide services to workers such as certificate application, ticket purchase, child care, worker rights protection, lost property recovery, emergency services among others. After taking over Wusuotun coal mine, Linyi Mining Group built a hostel for staff accommodation, as well as a clinic with medical fees covered, providing health counseling and emergency services. Workers are also active in helping out each other through donation.



In Longkou Mining Group, canteen management delivers a monthly assessment sheet to collect opinions and suggestions. The food prices could only be adjusted by the signature of staff representatives It also hired chefs from different regions to cook "hometown meals" for employees depending on their territories, eating habits and tastes. In 2017, employee satisfaction was above 95% and the price of food dropped by about 20%.

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