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A rich catch at Wanglou Ecological Park
January 22, 2018  



Jining, January 20 - At Wanglou Ecological Park, Shandong Energy Linyi Mining Group, six small boats shuttled on the artificial lake, dozens of fishermen were excited about the their catch, which includs thousands of grass carp and silver carp, crowded together and constantly jumping out of the water.


In 3 days, they had caught more than 30000 kilos of fish, hopefully bringing in more than 300,000 yuan of income.


Since 2015, the mine has transformed the collapsed land into fishing ponds and engaged in more than 500 local fishermen to work together. In August 2017, Nansi Lake Ecological Fisheries Production, Research Demonstration Base of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and Jining Workstation of China Academy of Fishery Sciences were successively established in the Ecological Park.

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