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Inner Mongolia Embraces Big Data
April 8, 2018  

Inner Mongolia, April 8 - The Equipment Management database of Heng Kun Chemical Plant, Shandong Energy Xinwen Mining Group, has successfully entered more than 20,000 items of equipment data of more than 10 categories into the database, covering coke oven machinery, furnace, tower, pump and so on. So far, the "big data" management mode of the company's coking equipment has been preliminarily established.

On the basis of the original equipment integrated management platform, the company established a unified information template database for the whole plant equipment, and also set up a database management personnel login assessment system, which can clearly record every equipment management personnel login, query and entry and so on. Through database comparison of historical data, real-time predictive management and maintenance, the whole plant equipment operation is always in a controlled state.

During the first quarter, the equipment intact rate reached more than 90% while the main equipment intact rate was 100%, the operating stable rate reached 99.2%, economic benefits also synchronized significantly.

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