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The rise of one-million unit project
April 25, 2018  


Etoqqianqi, April 25 – Far reaching is the steel towers, intercooled towers, towering chimneys and tower cranes lining up in the sky. Transport vehicles, cement tankers, and pump trucks are in constant motion; countless construction workers are struggling with sweat... This is the construction site of Shandong Energy Sheng Luneng Chenglu Power Plant in full swing. In this land of blooming orchid, a magnificent modern ecological power station is rising.




The smooth hoisting progress of the boiler steel frame


The huge metal structure that resembles a transformer, glowing in silver under the sunlight, is the steel frame of the boiler. The project department has formulated a round-the-clock construction plan to keep the schedule.



Concrete pouring for the X column of cooling tower  


At the west side of the steel frame stand two behemoths consisting of layers of scaffold supporting the mold of the X column of cooling tower of the setting room. At present, 3,890 tons and 117,800 meters steel pipes have been used for the scaffold. The completion of the project requires 8,640 tons of steel pipes amount to 235,600 meters.



Security check at any time


As the first one-million unit project of Shandong Energy Group, Shenglu Power Plant has entered the peak period of construction. In particular, construction workers of chimneys and cooling towers are often required to work high above ground. Special personnel were dispatched to supervise on-site safety with the authority to stop the working progress should they see any potential hazard.


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