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Subsided land transformed into gardens
May 24, 2018  


May 24 - Egrets are playing in the wetland surrounded by lush trees, clusters of bananas hanging low along with other tropical fruits such as papaya and dragon fruit in the smart greenhouse nearby. It’s hard to imagine this vibrant oasis now known as New Dragon Agricultural Park of the Shandong Energy Xinwen Mining Group had once been 18,000 mu of submerged land above coal seams collapsed by mining.

Shandong Energy Group currently has more than 70 pairs of production mines distributed in more than 10 provinces and regions in China. In recent years, they have abandoned the traditional“amend-after-sinking”approach to deal with the coal mining subsidence areas, instead they adopted the comprehensive approach of“mining, reclamation, and development”in a synchronized manner. As a comprehensive standardization demonstration area for ecological rehabilitation of coal mining subsidence areas in China, New Dragon Company has implemented techniques and methods such as shallow excavation, restoration of land for land reclamation, land remediation and vegetation restoration to create a ecologically-efficient agricultural industrial parks.

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