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Lvtang prepare for rainy season by drill
June 4, 2018  



Guizhou, June 4th- In order to improve the ability to prevent mining accidents and emergencies, the Lvtang Coal Mine organized a“threeprevention”emergency drill during the rainy season.

“The mining area is undergoing heavy rain and the wellhead is threatened by floods!”The dispatching command center received prompt reports from wellhead security inspectors and immediately issued an withdraw order to the underground construction sites. Each site then initiates flood prevention plan.

Upon receiving the order, the flood prevention and emergency response team immediately organized various units to rush to the square. The rescue team then quickly and orderly went to the respective designated place. After 20 minutes of strenuous efforts, the teams placed the flood gates and sandbags on the main and auxiliary wellheads to form flood walls, and the underground construction sites were evacuated in an orderly manner.


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