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Zibo's first MMC center settled in the Central Hospital of Zibo Mining Group
June 6, 2018  

Zibo, June 6th - the Zibo Center Hospital of Shandong Energy Medical Health Investment Co., Ltd. held an inauguration conference for the establishment of International Standardized Diabetes Metabolism Center (MMC Center).

Led by Ning Guang, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital's academician, the MMC Center is capable of managing patients with metabolic diseases in 1000 major hospitals at the same time. At present, there are 200 major hospitals in China joining in the programme. The Central Hospital is the fourth in Shandong Province to join in.

The MMC center would collect and upload the data of patients with metabolic diseases so that one-stop services such as screening, complication screening, and standardized treatment programs can be provided for patients through big data analysis.

At present the Central Hospital is treating approximately 70,000 diabetic patients in Zibo City.

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