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Automatic warehouse open for operation in Zaozhuang
July 11, 2018  

Zaozhuang, July 11th- the fully-automatic warehouse newly built in Fengyuan Tire Co., Ltd. ,Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group, has entered the commissioning stage. After it is officially put into use, it will be capable of automatic tire transportation, scanning, storage, sorting, loading, packaging and labeling.

The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse distribution center is enabled with a network of information transmission to handle the three-dimensional storage unit and the digitalization of warehouse management via deploying numerous automatic stacker, inbound and outbound tray transportation, automatic sorting robot, etc. It is designed to meet the storage demand of the company's 30-day turnaround period and 10 million sets of annual output. The 8-hour workload of the past 20 employees is now easily completed with only 2 employees working with the gantry robot.

At present, the test results are good and it is expected to be fully operational by the end of July.

Fengyuan Tire Co., Ltd. is a semi-steel radial tire manufacturing enterprise reorganized and constructed by Shandong Energy Jujube Mining Group in 2013. In May this year, it became the first real-economy subsidiary of the Group to be listed on the New OTC Market.

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