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The first X-ray blood irradiator in China successfully invented in Xinhua
July 27, 2018  

Zibo, July 20th - The first X-ray blood irradiator in China was successfully developed by Xinhua Medical. The success further expanded Xinhua Medical's radiology and treatment product line.

Blood irradiation refers to the irradiation of blood before transfusion in order to suppress immune-active lymphocytes and reduce rejection. Traditional blood irradiators needs a lot of lead protection which makes it cumbersome. The assessment, approval, transportation and daily management of radioactive sources are also complicated and costly.

X-ray blood irradiator developed by Xinhua Medical uses artificial electron high-voltage device to generate radiation instead of radiation source. When it is not working or the device is powered off, no radiation is generated, thus enabling the operator to work in a safer environment while improving radiation uniformity and reducing the weight of equipment.

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