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Shinva’s Infection control products breaks into domestic high-end markets
August 14, 2018  



Zibo, August 14th - Three low-temperature plasma sterilizers from Shinva had been purchased by Zhongshan Hospital attached to Shanghai Fudan University, marking a milestone for Shinva’s endeavour to stand strong in the domestic high-end market of sensory equipment, which previously was dominated by multinational giants such as Johnson & Johnson..

Over the years, Shinva has continued to fill the gaps in domestic key technologies for disinfection and sterilization, and developed new products such as water bath sterilizers, multi-chamber automatic cleaning & disinfecting devices, and low-temperature plasma sterilizers. At present, the company ranks first in the domestic market share of high-temperature sterilization equipment, cleaning and disinfection equipment and low-temperature sterilization equipment, with one foot stand firm in the international market

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