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Aliyun Project Group officially entered Donghua Cement Company
September 12, 2018  

Zibo, September 11 - the 12 staff members of "intelligent brain" project group from the Aliyun had officially stationed in Donghua cement company of Shandong Energy Zibo Mining group, marked the substantive advance stage of the cooperation between two companies.

The so-called "smart brain" project is the the first project jointly put into field practice by Zibo Mining Group and Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. In order to promote productivity conversion. The project will focus on the clinker production line of Donghua cement Company and establish two core algorithm models, "Comprehensive Energy consumption Optimization Model" and "quality Stability Model". Without changing the existing process flow or adding equipment, the big data technology and artificial intelligence along should be able to reduce the standard coal consumption and electricity consumption by more than 2%. This effect is expected to be validated before November 15.

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