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MOST steam sterilizer of Shinva won silver medal in the second provincial "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition
September 19, 2018  

Zibo, September 17 - Recently the second "Governor's Cup" industrial design competition of Shandong Province released its award list. Shinva Medical's MOST steam sterilizer was successfully selected for medical and health silver award. This is the second time for the MOST desktop sterilizer to enter the award list, after its winning a bronze award back in 2016.

The MOST steam sterilizer adopts the pulsating vacuum principle and uses the saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium. The sterilization chamber is repeatedly vacuumed and then pressurized with saturated steam, so as to sterilize the material with designated pressure and temperature.

500 sets of MOST steam sterilizers have been produced and annual production capacity is expected to be 1000 sets. They will be widely used in hospital stomatology, ophthalmology, operating room, supply room, dialysis room, etc.

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