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Coal Mining technique going out of the country
September 21, 2018  

Linyi, September 20 - Zubai Coal Mine recently received a special invitation letter again from the Vietnam Northeast Corporation, part of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense, to visit their production site and provide technical guidance. It is the third time for them to do so.

Although Zupai Coal Mine is the smallest mine in Shandong Energy Group, it is by no means least important. Established in 1988, it has been serving as a training ground for managers and high skilled personnel due to its complicate geological condition. The pseudo-inclined flexible shield coal mining method it has adopted since 2008 has a series of advantages such as simple roadway layout and low tunneling rate. Dozens of coal enterprises from other regions in China have come to study their experience.

In August 2017, a delegation of Vietnam Northeast Corporation came to the Chupai Coal Mine. After a detailed observation of the mine's unique skills, they decided this method was the most suitable for Vietnam's coal mining conditions and expressed willingness to cooperate. In November, Zubai Coal Mine was commissioned to manufacture 1540 flexible shelving supports for Northeast Vietnam. In the same month, an exchange group were sent to the field for 5 days of technical guidance. In February of this year, upon the invitation of Northeast Vietnam, Zhibai Coal Mine dispatched five professionals to carry out business guidance for two months.

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