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Emulsion automatically sent underground in Linyi
October 11, 2018  

The automatic emulsion distribution system developed by Gucheng Coal Mine of Shandong Energy Linyi Mining Group has completely solved the problem of artificial dispersion and modulation. The liquid distribution is completed at the surface and then pressed through the pipeline. After decompression, the emulsion is supplied to all working faces. The whole process is remotely monitored automatically without any need for supervisors on site.

The emulsion system consists of five parts: pure water supply station, surface distribution station, -505U -850 horizontal decompression device, and transfusion pipe. The purified water is automatically proportioned and then transported to the pumping stations of each mining area through the 8000 meter galvanized steel pipe extending through the auxiliary shaft. The purity of the water allows the hydraulic support of the fully mechanized coal face to obtain a power source of higher quality. and the maintenance rate has been reduced accordingly by 50%. The total costs reduction could reach about 1.94 million yuan per year.

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