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September 12, 2013  

Shandong Energy Longkou Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group with the coal production as the foundation, while streching out to the heat-and-power congregation, comprehensive utilization of oil shale, coal reserves and distribution, machining, construction material production and logistics services. It owns the only beachfront mining area in China and is the only Chinese company implementing coal mining under the seabed. Longkou Mining Group also boasts other title like the first provincial strategic coal reserve base and the only enterprise capable of comprehensive utilization of oil shale in Shandong province.

With the mining area founded in October, 1968, the current form of Longkou Mining Group came into being in 2003, with 10.8 billion yuan of registered capital, 26 subsidiaries and nearly 20 thousand employees. As of 2012, Longkou Mining Group produced more than 12 million tons of raw coal and achieved sales income of 18.5 billion yuan, ranking among top 50 of Chinese coal enterprises in terms of output and No. 36 of top 100 in terms of overall capacity.

 After 40 years’ development, Longkou Mining Group has extended its operating area across 9 cities in Shandong, Shanxi and Jilin provinces. Currently the company owns six coal mines while two other mines were put under its custody. The company locates in the economic zone in which the Yellow River meets the sea, blessing the company with the vicinity to harbor area. It constructs the first provincial-level coal reserves distribution base in Shandong with annual operating capacity of the 20 million tons. In terms of comprehensive utilization of oil shale, its two subsidiaries have total capacity of processing 2.1 million tons of shale and producing 200,000 tons of oil annually. The company’s technology of medium-size particle oil shale refining is among the most advanced in China; it also has been sanctified by government as the demonstration base of comprehensive oil shale utilization. With four thermal power plants and total installed gross capacity of 135MW, the company plays the leading role in the heat supply in the regions as Jiaozhou, Laizhou and Haiyang.

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