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September 12, 2013  

Shandong Energy Linyi Mining Group Co., Ltd. was officially founded in 1944. Currently it is operating in more than ten cities in Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi and other regions. Its assets include nine coal mines and one iron mine in operation, one coal mine under construction, two coal mines under technological renovation, 14 non-coal subsidiaries. Linyi Mining Group ranks among top 50 coal enterprises in China, possessing 4 billion tons of mineral resources reserves.

In terms of science and technology, during the period of Eleventh Five-Year Plan, Linyi Mining Group launched 177 provincial-level R&D initiatives, 32 of which was included in the Chinese Coal Industry Science and Technology Plan; it also completed 211 R&D project and 535 minor improvements, obtained 32 national patents and one invention patent, and took part in the formulation of one set of National Standard along with 3 sets of Industry Standards. Among all these achievements, the project of digital mine technology development and application, monitoring technology of freeze sinking and optimization of wellface structure concerning water-rich soft rock, study of soft-bottom thin-seam mechanic mining technology, and the technology of ultra-high-water packing in ultra-thin coal seam have reached advanced level internationally.

According to "the 12th Five-Year strategic development plan”, by 2015, the company will develop into a large modern enterprise group with coal production exceeded 30 million tons, iron ore production exceeded 10 million tons, sales revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan, profits exceed 50 billion yuan and total assets exceeded 300 billion. In the mining industry, the mines in the province kept the annual production capacity of 10 million tons. Its subsidiaries are also robust. Huibaoling iron mine in Cangshan, Linyi, has developed into a largest ten-million-tons scale iron industrial park in the province with the capacity of mining, processing and smelting iron ores all in oneself; Shanghaimiao mining area in Inner Mongolia has also developed into a major energy industrial park with annual mining production capacity of 20 million tons, focusing on coal mining, coal power and coal chemical industry. In terms of mining equipment manufacturing, the company has founded the largest production base in the Shandong province. In terms of glass fiber, the annual production scale has reached 300,000 tons, and the production and deep processing capacity rank first across the nation; which enables the “Glass Tex” fiberglass wall cover become the Number One brand in China. Besides, the company is boosting its logistic prowess to create a large modern logistics group that could support internal supplies and external cross- regional trade. In 2015, the sales revenue of the company is expected to reach 12 billion yuan.

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