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September 12, 2013  

Feicheng Mining Group Co., Ltd. is an A-class state-owned enterprise ranking among top 100 coal enterprises in China and enjoying an "AAA" credit level. Since the foundation of 1998, the company has produced 210 million tons of coal production, creating 4.6 billion yuan of revenue.

As the birthplace of the national coal quality standardization, Feicheng Mining Group, formerly known as Feicheng Mining Bureau since 1959, is always a vigorously explorer for the long-term safety mechanisms. It held the record of keeping the death rate per million ton of raw coal under 1 for 23 consecutive years and 25 years to preventing major accident (casualty number more than 3) for 25 years. Based on the years’ accumulation of history, culture and technology, Feicheng Mining Group has formed scientific development strategy, profound culture deposits and advanced management style.

In recent years, Fencheng Mining Group emphasizes the enhancement of coal industry and the development of non-coal industry. Its subsidiary Liangbaosi Company, with the coal production capacity of 2.4 million tons, was put into operation in 2005. A large scale modern enterprise group has begun to take shape, featuring coal-based multi-industry operation and trans-regional configuration.

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