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September 12, 2013  

In 2008, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Shandong province signed a strategic energy cooperation framework agreement, under whichShandong Energy Inner Mongolia Shenglu Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded at December 16, 2011 in Inner Mongolia. The company is responsible for co-ordination, planning, management and development of all 43 projects of Shandong Energy Group in Inner Mongolia, including 22 coal production projects and 21 coal conversion projects located in Ordos, Xilin Gol and Hulunbeir, ranging from coal chemical industry, electricity, urban heating and railway transportation, etc. In 2012,Shandong Energy Inner Mongolia Shenglu Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. was established as the "principal part of coal enterprise mergers and reorganization" by the government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the company sticks to the development idea of “safe, green, harmonious, efficient development”, producing 100 million tons of coal and converted more than 50 million tons. The company is forging itself into the A-level circular economy industry demonstration base, actively explores wider cooperation and development space, so as to promote the economic development of Inner Mongolia as well as the constant growth of the company.

web:Shandong Energy Inner Mongolia Shenglu Energy& Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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