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September 12, 2013  

The subsidiaries of Shandong Energy Group have been involved in the development of western China since 2004, actively participating in the construction and economic development of Guizhou province. In 2011, Shandong Energy Group foundedShandong Energy Guizhou Mining Co., Ltd. to promote the resource acquisition in Guizhou province. Currently Guizhou Mining boasts six operating mines, nine constructing mines and six mines proposed. Totally, Guizhou Mining has secured 2.425 billion tons of coal resources and achieved the design production capacity of 11.49 million tons per year; we also have entered the sector of power generation, tourism and mechanical equipment manufacturing in Guizhou province.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, Guizhou Mining Group has set its goal to be a modern energy enterprise and the economic growth pole of the west China. We will develop the coal industry as the principal business while stretching out to the thermal power generation, methane power generation and shale gas extraction. Besides, the company will also enter into the sector of non-coal mining resources and transportation infrastructure construction, so as to contribute to the development of Guizhou province.

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