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Ownership of Enterprises
· Shinva’s Infection control products breaks into domestic high-end markets 2018/08/14 
· Tianzhuang ‘s Staff equipped with air conditioning vests 2018/08/13 
· Shandong Energy Reshipment Group passes the national safety production standardization review 2018/08/13 
· Undeground mining areas fully covered by WIFI in Xinwen 2018/08/02 
· Gucheng Mine hands out more than 500 thousand yuan as skilled worker's prize 2018/08/02 
· Shandong's first unmanned mining face working smoothly 2018/08/02 
· The first X-ray blood irradiator in China successfully invented in Xinhua 2018/07/27 
· Shandong Energy Group entered Fortune 500 list for the seventh year 2018/07/20 
· CSCA recognises Laiwu Central Hospital as a stroke center 2018/07/18 
· Automatic warehouse open for operation in Zaozhuang 2018/07/11 
· Zibo Mining Group and Alibaba work together to improve the industry 2018/07/10 
· Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group received first prize of national renown 2018/07/06 
· Guest from Cuba visited the Group 2018/07/04 
· Medical Group Launches First Aid Knowledge Popularization Campaign 2018/06/15 
· The Central Hospital of Yanzhou Mining Company held the Academic Conference of Cardiac Rehabilitation for the Provincial Medical Association 2018/06/14 
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