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About Us

Shandong Energy Group is a wholly state-owned company headquartered in Jinan, Shandong province. Listed in March 2011 with registered capital of 10 billion yuan, the Group manages 6 mining subgroups, 2 energy companies and 10 non-coal specialized companies, making it the largest enterprises in Shandong Province.Its tenure enterprises are located in Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guizhou and more than 10 other provinces or autonomous regions, along with foreign countries like Canada, Australia, etc. In August, 2015, the Group was transformed into a state-owned capital investment company, undertaking the functions of implementing the strategic intention of the provincial and provincial governments, guiding the economic transformation and development of the province, innovating development and optimizing the adjustment of energy structure. The Group has been on the Fortune 500 list since 2012, the first SOE in Shandong to do so, and ranked No. 234 in 2018.

Shandong Energy Group adheres to the principle of "Dedication to the green energy and the creation of human value" , and fully committed itself to speed up the transformation of production power, to further promote supply-side structural reform, to realize the vision of value, vitality and harmony.Based on the 3 Scales--scale energy, scale finance, scale service--the Group is accelerating the pace of coal electrification, combination of real estate and medical care, as well as the integration of finance and industry.Now it is focusing on the construction of Inner Mongolia Shanghaimiao coal power base, Xinjiang Yili gas Base, Zaozhuang coal electrochemical comprehensive utilization base, and Heze new high-quality coal electrochemical integration base.

By the end of Thirteenth Five-Year-Plan period, Shandong Energy Group will strive to double the total assets and sales revenue over 400 billion yuan. By the end of Fourteenth Five-Year-Plan period, the Group's operating income and asset size will both exceed 450 billion yuan, its coal production capacity will be stabilized at 200 million tons, the proprietary and joint-stock installed capacity of power generation will reach 20 Million-kilowatt,its capital securitization rate will be above 80%. By that time, the Group will have optimized industrial structure, strong momentum, high asset quality, strong talent support, environment-friendly production system, and powerful international competitiveness, making it a first-class energy enterprise in the world.

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