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 Strategic Targets 
 Strategic Steps 
 Strategic Diversification 
Ownership of Enterprises
  Strategic Targets

1、 Strategic positioning: With the coal production as the fundamental industry, we plan to diversify our business in an appropriate way by developing the industries related to coal industry and other energy industries. We also aim at forging an outstanding energy group which is listed within the World’s Top 500 Enterprises and holding the leading position domestically and strong international competitiveness.

2、 Long-term Target: By 2020, we plan to double the main business indicators of 2015, which means the main business income will increase to 550 billion RMB, the gross profits will add up to 55 billion RMB, the total coal output will be up to 300 million tons,and our company will become a major international corporation in modern energy industry.

3、Five-year Target: With our persistent efforts during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, our Group plans to double the main business indicators and step into the World’s Top 500 Enterprises. Our specific goal is to increase the main business income to 270 billion RMB and gross profits to 27 billion RMB, and also to boost the coal production up to 200 million tons and the average annual income of our employees up to 90 thousand RMB.

  Strategic Steps

Six “Three” Strategic Thinking:

Implement the “three both” principle: the development of both scale and value, both the industry operation and capital operation, both the traditional energy and the new energy.

Strengthen the “three major industries”: traditional energy, equipment manufacturing and modern service; cultivate and develop the new industry such as the industry of the clean usage of traditional energy, the new energy, etc.

Promote the “three adjustments”: First, the industrial structure adjustment - from coal-based structure to a pluralistic structure; second, the organizational structure adjustment - promote the internal reorganization of the enterprise; third, the talent structure adjustment – introduce elites in technology and management and better the quality structure of talents.

Establish the “three strategic regions”: promote the steady development of the central and major economic regions, the construction of developing regions, and orderly and rational development of the regions with growth potentials.

Propel the “three transformations”: First, enterprise developments - from resources exploitation drive to technology innovations drive; Second, strategic layout - from domestic market to international expansion; Third, production mode - from the resources-consumption mode to the resources-saving and environmental-friendly mode.

Achieve the “three goals”: enhance the competitiveness of the market, strengthen the capacity for social contribution, and sustain the momentum of development.

  Strategic Diversification

Extensive Energies: Develop the traditional energies such as coal, electricity, oil and gas in a coordinated way, and at the same time promote the development of the new energies such as nuclear and solar power, etc., so as to form an “extensive energy” developing pattern.

Abundant Resources: Obtain all types of non-coal mineral resources in every possible way; establish the multi-resources development pattern and create an integrated energy group with energy being the primary business.

Board Cooperation: Establish “market consciousness” firmly; adhere to cooperate with “giant” companies and obtain the urgently needed resources through various channels, such as joint venture and cooperation, so as to enhance our competitiveness rapidly.

Firm Collaboration: Push forward the reorganization and integration of the internal business and give full play to the collaborative competition advantages of a company group.

Highly-efficient Operation: handle with both the industry operation and capital operation simultaneously, allocate resources within the whole society, and improve to the greatest extent the operating efficiency and benefits.

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