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Our Culture
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Our Culture
  Surpass the resource constraints, Achieve diversified development

We are dedicated to surpassing the limitation of the available resources, which means that except for excavating the coal resource, and will keep seeking for more opportunities to develop other resources. The business opportunities are so boundless as the water in the sea. Therefore, Shandong Energy Group will fight tenaciously in the economic tides and create new opportunities.

Surpass the divergence, Achieve successes in the future

We are dedicated to surpassing the cultural divergences of all subordinate enterprises and interested parties by learning from each other and seeking for the common ground while reserving differences. Through integrating different outstanding cultures, an Enterprise Cultural System of Shandong Energy will be formed, which is more advanced and of higher level. Therefore, the mighty culture soft power and the core competiveness of an enterprise will come into being, which will assist our group in achieving the harmonious development.

  Surpass the geographical limits, Step forward to the world

We are dedicated to extending our business beyond the regional limits and focus on the nationwide market. We will adjust strategic layout, consolidate our competitive status in domestic market, and play an active role in international energy market competition. We are marching towards the target of being one of the World’s Top 500 Enterprises.

  Surpass the past, Develop based on the innovation

We are dedicated to transcending the limits caused by the traditional management ideas and operating mode, and to bringing in new thinking and technology. We will carry forward the spirit of innovation rooted in Qilu (ancient Shandong) culture, keep up with the trend of the information era, and take the road of scientific development and innovative development.

  Surpass oneself, Shoulder responsibilities

We are dedicated to transcending the limits of being self-centered and to shouldering the social responsibility of being a leading energy enterprise. We will respond to the national call of energy conservation and emission reduction, endeavor to create a harmonious environment and build a favorable enterprise image. Besides, we will fulfill safe and green development and provide clean and high-efficient energy, so as to serve the demands of the economic growth and the improvement of the living standard of people.


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