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 Strategic Targets 
 Strategic Steps 
 Strategic Diversification 
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Strategic Steps

One target: to build a first-class integrated energy holding group domestically and internationally, with sustained value creation capacity. 


Two industries:  to seize the opportunity of supply-side structural reforms, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, and to cultivate emerging industry; to promote the quality of former and incremental expansion of later.


Two-wheel drive: the operating mode will base on real industries which will be boosted through reasonable industrial layout and optimized structure; the operating mode will also rely on capital operation to facilitate outward collaboration and cooperation.


Broaden two paths: internally the Group will adhere to the path of  structural transformation in order to undo the shortcomings like oversized traditional industry, single ownership structure, scattered regional layout, lack of development potential, in order to achieve more sustainable development; externally the Group will insist on opening-up strategy and introduce inward talent, technology, capital and other elements to create an inclusive and win-win industrial ecology.


Two step strategy: the first two years would be the period of adjustment, focusing on resolving outstanding TARP, diversion of surplus staff and implement of  the mainstay projects; the rest three years would be the period of transition, focusing on capital operation, mergers and acquisitions and low-cost expansion. By this phased strategy the upgrading process of the Group will pay off in two year and major evolution will occur in five years.


Strengthen three supports, namely the support of talent, innovation and politic strength. The Group will improve the market mechanism of talent introduction, training, selection and appointment, and enroll much-needed high-level management personnel, industry leaders and international talents; the Group will continue to promote technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation to accelerate the growth momentum; the Group will also strengthen its political advantages, continue to improve anti-corruption work and honest business.


Accelerate three transformations: the transformation from Shandong-oriented resource layout to the new-region-based layout; the transformation from coal company to an integrated energy enterprise covering wind, solar power and biomass; the transformation from a large business group to a strong one by giving full play to the professional advantage of state-owned capital investment company to enhance capital control, industrial competitiveness and value creation.


Construction of four bases: the Group will prioritize the core area of southwest Shandong while also cultivate strategic areas involved in Belt and Road policy, like coal gas strategic base in Xinjiang, coal powerplant in Inner Mongolia, comprehensive utilization coal base in Zaozhuang, quality coal  base in Heze. By the end of thirteenth Five Year Plan, the Group wil boast four motors of economic and profit growth.

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