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Strategic Targets

Breakthroughs in terms of comprehensive strength. The Group will continue to enhance the development scale and incremental levels, rationalize industrial structure and regional distribution, maintain the 4th position in the coal production industry, double operating income; finance, health and new energy industries will accounted for 15% of revenue, overseas revenue and revenue from other provinces will account for more than 30%; the position at Fortune 500 will be further fortified, comprehensive strength and brand influence will also be significantly enhanced.


Breakthroughs in terms of capital operation. The Group will accelerate the pace of capital securitization pace and strive to list four companies; the target capital securitization rate is 40%, while 30 billion yuan of non-performing assets will be stripped away; net profit attributable to parent company will reach 1.75 billion yuan; profit rate of net assets and increase rate of state-owned assets will be increased by 5.7% and 3.35%; total employment number will be controlled under 15 million, efficiency per capita will be increased by 57%.


Breakthroughs in terms of reform and innovation. The Group will completely transform itself into a state-owned capital investment company with clear, regulated, coordinated, robust and check-and-balanced management structure, while clarify the upper and lower boundaries of responsibilities.; the subsidiary enterprises will truly become independent legal entity and business entity; mixed ownership reform will make important advances and allow internal vitality to be fully released; the technology contribution rate will reach more than 55%.


Breakthroughs in terms of harmonious development. The Group will adhere to the concept of collective development, shared benefits of reform, inherent motivation and employee happiness index. The Group will also honor its social responsibility to build a green, low-carbon industrial system, pushing clean coal conversion rate above 30%, while continuing to promote corporate culture construction for synergy and cohesion of cultural soft power.

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