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Core Value of Enterprise

Responsibility, Innovation, Diversity, and Transcendence
Connotation Interpreting:
Responsibility, Innovation
A man cannot succeed without honesty and credibility, and an enterprise cannot thrive without morality. Morality is the soul of an enterprise. Carrying forward morality is always the lofty status we, as members of energy industry, are determined to pursue and the cornerstone of the success of Shandong energy industry. Our group shapes an upright, magnanimous and responsible social image by practicing social equality and justice actively. The employees in our group also accomplish their respectful and enviable career by nurturing moral attainment and contributing to the group with fidelity.
The development of an enterprise should ride the wave, keep pace with the times, eradicate the old and foster the new. Shandong Energy Group was born in the big picture of industry reorganizing and is developing with the trend by abandoning the disadvantages and adopting the advantages. Shandong Energy Group will blaze a unique trail of energy development by developing in innovation and innovating in development.

Diversity, Transcendence
As a Chinese saying goes, “The sea is vast because all rivers runs into it, so a man will be great only if he has a broad mind.” Facing the trends of world economic globalization and the cultural diversification, tolerance and development become the theme of this era. Tolerance will lead our world to be harmonious without being uniform. Shandong Energy Group embraces every party with a broad mind, thus becomes a unified community sharing the same interest, fate and spirit. It is the credibility and tolerance based on morality help us to earn the infinite markets and countless customers, to win the loyalty of our staff and teams, and also to accumulate the strength and advantages.
As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection! Right now Shandong Energy Group is standing at a brand new historic starting point and surpassing becomes its theme. Shandong Energy Group will surpass the limits in resources, regions, history, and individual ego and will create excellence meanwhile.

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